VAT Rebates

IN-SYNC Tax LLP offers a number of VAT accounting solutions to best fit your circumstances. Once you are registered with IN-SYNC Tax, we will review the most appropriate arrangement for you on a quarterly basis.

Our team of specialists will:
  • Register your business for VAT
  • Liaise with HMRC for online authorisation
  • Register your business for the FRS (if applicable)
  • Invoice your client & collect VAT
  • Complete your VAT returns
  • Transfer VAT to HMRC & your business quarterly
  • Address your clients’ VAT queries
  • Respond to any HMRC queries

Additional VAT rebates of £2,300 or more.

IN-SYNC Tax specialises in VAT services that enable self-employed sub-contractors to reclaim VAT based on their turnover and profession.

Our services provide additional rebates to self-employed individuals, increasing their annual take-home pay and ensuring their VAT compliance.

Although it only normally takes an average of ten weeks for us to pay out your initial lump sum, our sister company IN-SYNC Credit Services may be able to deliver your rebate within two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAT?

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a business tax that is charged on the sale of goods and services in the UK and the European Union. The standard rate of VAT is 20%, however certain goods and services are charged at 5% or 0%. VAT collected by VAT registered businesses is reported and paid over to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) every quarter.

What is the VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS)?

The Flat Rate Scheme is a simplified form of operating VAT designed for smaller businesses and the self-employed. It works by charging VAT, at the relevant rate, on all your invoices and paying over to HMRC at a fixed percentage, depending on your trade or profession.

For example, if you’re in Construction then you pay VAT over to HMRC at 14.5% and Couriers or Taxi Drivers pay over at 10%. The difference between what you charge, and what you pay to HMRC you get to keep. We’ll give you advice to help you get the best benefit from your FRS registration.

Will I need to be VAT Registered?

Yes.  To claim back any VAT on the FRS, you first need to be registered for VAT.  This is nothing to worry about - as IN-SYNC Tax are acting as your VAT Agents we will do everything for you.  We will invoice your engager (providing we work with them), we will submit your VAT Returns and will make a payment to you.

But I'm not a business?

You do not need to be a Ltd business to be VAT registered. As a Self-Employed Sole Trader you are, in fact, your own business.  You work for yourself and are entitled to the benefits of being VAT registered.

I can't be VAT registered, I don't earn enough...

This is a common misconception with VAT.  Correct, there are VAT thresholds, but you can voluntarily VAT register to claim back the benefits.  If you earn over £85,000 it is compulsory for you to be VAT registered, however, if you do earn less than that, you are able to voluntarily register for VAT.

How far back can you go?

You may be able to backdate your VAT registration by up to four years, depending on your circumstances.

Will I get a VAT Bill?

The only reason you will get a VAT bill is if your VAT Return is submitted late.  IN-SYNC Tax is committed to ensuring that all of our clients are compliant with HMRC and we endeavour to get all VAT Returns submitted on time.

Although we ensure you remain compliant, it is a 2-way street; you will need to ensure that you are in constant contact with us, advising us if you move contractor, go on holiday, move address, etc.

Is there a fee involved?

As with any service, there is a fee.

You will never need to pay the fee out of your own pocket, we will take our fee from your Total Reclaim.  Our fee is a percentage (30% + VAT) and we will need to cover our minimum fee before any payments can be made out to you.  Your rebate will build up alongside our fee and once this has been covered you will receive a lump sum payment.  You will then receive your 3 monthly rebates.

I have moved contractors, what do I need to do?

You will need to advise IN-SYNC Tax where you are currently working.  We work with a lot of contracting businesses throughout the UK, so chances are we can invoice them directly. However, if you do not work with one of these companies then we can either deregister you, or you can start to charge VAT yourself.

How long will it take me to receive my Rebate?

This all depends on how much IN-SYNC Tax are able to invoice for.  Our fee is gathered from the invoicing that we do, so the more we can invoice for, the quicker a payment will be due. 

The further we are able to backdate your VAT Registration, the quicker a VAT Payment will be due.  A payment is due once our fees are covered.

Can I deregister from the FRS?

Yes, provided your annual turnover is below £85,000, you can voluntarily deregister from the FRS. All that you would need to do is contact our friendly customer services team and IN-SYNC would liaise with HMRC and take care of all the necessary administration on your behalf.

What is a Limited cost Trader?

You can find out more about Limited cost trader here.

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